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Well Prisoners, it is your lucky day. Warden Crow has been instructed to release all prisoners, temporarily, due to concern over the current plague spreading within HMP Meriden.

You will be released on November 5th, to your own home, and must reside there until December 2nd.  You will be electronically tagged of course.  

During the month-long home lockdown, you will be permitted just 24-hours of "Day Release". During this 24 hour period you can venture as far away from your home as you can manage, but you must return home within 24 hours.

Government rules on lockdown:

You are allowed:

"to exercise outdoors or visit an outdoor public place - with the people you live with, with your support bubble or, when on your own, with 1 person from another household (children under school age, as well as those dependent on round-the-clock care, such as those with severe disabilities, who are with their parents will not count towards the limit on two people meeting outside)."

The Crow will of course be watching.  Failure to return home in 24 hours, will result in you being picked up and returned to HMP Meriden where you will spend the rest of lockdown in The Hole; Solitary, minimal rations.

Day Release Rules

  • This event is not related to Escape from Meriden entries. Anyone can enter

  • You must start and end at the same location (This can be your home or somewhere very near if you do not wish to show your home address on the map/GPX file)

  • You cannot start at Meriden (unless you are a resident and we post a tracker there)

  • You can start anytime of the day or night

  • Get as far away from your start location, as the crow flies,  as you dare but leave time to get back within the 24 hours limit

  • If you do not get back within the 24 hour limit, your Day Release will not count

  • Only the "Out" distance as the crow flies counts in terms of the medal grading. i.e. If you get 32 miles As the Crow Flies 'away' from your house, and still get back home with 24 hours, you will record 32 miles in the results and could order a "Hard Time" Medal

  • You must carry a device or tracker, which is capable of recording for 24 hours (at least one location update per 60 seconds) and can produce a GPX file which you can send to us. No GPX file, no result

  • Attempt must be between 5th November and 2nd December

  • Be always compliant with all Covid restrictions in your country. e.g. see:

Convict Packages

Old Timer: £2.50: Use your own GPS equipment, submit your GPX file afterwards. It will be included in an overall UK Day Release map, along with your distance as the crow files. (cost covers processing/analysis your GPX file and recording your results on the overall results table and map)

New Fish: £12 Hire a GPS tracker discounted rate that includes 'Signed For' postage to you. Your tracker will appear on the Day Release Tracking Map, so your friends can track you during your Day Release. Results processed onto the map and leaderboard

All sucessful convicts will be recorded in a results table, and their GPX file displayed on a map.


"Day Release" medals - optional purchase - £7.50.

On Remand: Get 15 miles As the Crow flies away from your start point, and return within 24 hours

Hard Time: Get 30 miles As the Crow flies away from your start point, , and return within 24 hours

Lifer: Get 45 miles As the Crow flies away from your start point, , and return within 24 hours

Tip. Don't be greedy. Better to run "away" for 10 or 11 hours max, and give yourself more time to make the return journey as your pace will doubtless fade.

Make sure you understand what "As the Crow Flies" means! There are many online tools which will draw concentric circles from a start point you specify. Suggest you use one (or Google Earth) to plan.

When you complete the form you will receive a separate email requesting a Payment via Paypal or debit/credit card.

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