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March 22nd 2025

FALLOUT 3: The Cloud Strikes Back

"YOu now have 12 hours to reach minimum safe distance"

It's 10am, March 22nd 2025.  You are a runner, a worker at a secret, reactivated atomic energy research facility near Harwell in Oxfordshire.  Suddenly the siren sounds.  It is the sum of all fears. There has been an accident. Yes another one, the same happened for the last two years; what rotten luck!

Radioactive material has been released! It is deadly upon contact,  travelling for 40 miles in all directions before the effects lessen. It will take around 12 hours for the fallout to spread that far (approx 3.5mph), getting bigger minute by minute, extinguishing all life in all directions within the growing radius of expansion.  

You just have time to swallow your iodine pill, giving you 30 minutes to clear the complex and immediate area before the fallout cloud starts to spread, it will expand in real time on the TrackTrail® tracking  map. Go any direction you like, but you'll need to stay ahead of the ever-expanding cloud or be instantly vaporized. 

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T+3 hours

Abingdon and Pangbourne are vaporized

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T+6 Hours

Swindon, Marlborough, Reading, Oxford, Basingstoke are destroyed

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T+12 Hours

Winchester, Chippenhan, Guildford, Watford, Banbury, Cirencester are lost

If you have escaped the fallout for 12 hours you have reached 'minimum safe distance. You'll survive, at least for a few more years...

However, the cloud will continue to expand and if you want to live a long, full life, you can keep running until you are the Last One Standing.....

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T+ 24 Hours

London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Cambridge, Brighton are contaminated


Harwell Atomic

Employee Perks

  • Warm place of work

  • Annual radiation test perfomed on arrival

  • Work your shift solo or in pairs

  • GPS tracker hire from Track Trail®

  • Refreshments at HQ

  • Entertaining safety briefing complete wth pyros :)

  • Free 'iodine' stylee pills

  • Optional: Medal based on performance 

    • Vaporised (caught by atomic cloud)

    • Survivor (40+ miles ATCF in 12 hours)

  • Optional: White hazmat-style suit​

  • Once you leave the premises there is no support from your employer

  • Distance from epicentre will be ranked

  • Special award for Last One Standing! No time limit for LOS, keep going until the cloud gets you!


Registration is from 8am at Chilton village hall (5 miles from Didcot railway station)

Entry Policy:

No refunds, deferrals, or transfers to other events. These include; lack of training, I totally forgot about the event, your emails went to my spam box, general laziness, sickness, death by radiation leak, or vaporization. Refunds only given if we cancel the event.

You may transfer your place within the event to someone else you choose, up to 1 week before the event, by using the ticket entry system. Once they pay you are refunded.


Only £38 solo or £36 each for pairs!

Early bird discounts available until April 30th!

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