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Hills and Valleys
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The Gritstone Grind 34.5 mile

The Gritstone Grind 69 (Double)

The Gristone 100 (Triple)

August  31st - September 1st 2024 

OK, so you've done the regular 35 mile Gristone Grind, but you're thirsty for more, or much more. We hear you. We have created these two events which we have made very low cost, designed to be partially supported by us as well as your crew.

The Triple (103 miles) will start at 08:30 on Saturday 31st August at Kidsgrove Train Station (36 hours)

The Double (69 miles) will start at 20:30 on Saturday 31st August at Disley Train Station (24 hours)

The only rule is you must be back at Kidsgrove by 08:30 on September 1st to join the main Gritstone Grind event to finish in Disley by 20:30

We advise you have your own crew to support, but we will have one CP around mid-way for the Double and Triple, and of course full support with 3 x CPs for the last 12-hours of the main race.

We have made the entry fee very low indeed. You will not find a lower cost 100 mile event. The uplift cost over the usual Gritstone entry price is 24 or 36 hours of extra GPS tracking and timing, and our PLI and employers insurance.


The Route

 Route Details 

Download the 2023 guide GPX pack here

The Double will start at Disley Train Station. The Triple will start at Kidsgrove train station.

The OS maps that cover the whole route are:

1:50k – OS Landranger: 109, 118
1:25k – OS Explorer: 1, 24, 258, 268 (268 cover 95% of the route)

The main 35 mile route begins in Kidsgrove with a flat canal section before a climb up to Mow Cop castle for great to views over Staffordshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire.  Next  descend gently to refreshment point (CP1) at Timbersbrook picnic area. A short, sharp climb up The Cloud follows; from the top of which you can survey a good 10 miles of the upcoming course.

Enjoy a nice descent to run alongside the River Dane, before a gentle climb up to Wincle Minn, and then over the road  to the huge transmitter station at Croker Hill to enjoy panoramic views over Cheshire. Descend from Croker Hill, and over fields then short divert on road to (CP2).

Down to the outskirts of Macclesfield Forest to Langley before a short, sharp climb up everyone’s favourite named hill “Tegg’s Nose” .  Onwards North to Rainow, with a cambered ascent up to The White Nancy at Kerridge Hill, and then down to the outskirts of Bollington to find the 3rd and final refreshment point (CP3). Next a very long but steadytowards the summit of Sponds Hill.

Keep right at the Gritstone Trail split, for the Double and triple as Lyme Park will be closed, but it will be open (where you take the left fork) for the final traverse, a welcome descent all the way into Lyme Country Park  and stately home (this was Mr Darcy’s house in the Pride and Prejudice BBC adaptation).  Then you’re almost home and dry as it’s just a couple of miles into Disley, where you will have finished an incredible ultra that runners repeat year after year!  

2024 Entries open!

  • £50 race entry - The Double Gritstone (Gritstone 69)

  • £60 race entry - Gritstone 100 (actually 103 miles)


Your booking also includes:

  • GPS Tracker and electronic RFID chip timing from for 24 or 36 hours

  • Selection of food and drink at CP’s to suit most needs (3 x CPs on 12 final 12 hours. Mid-way CP for earlier starts)

  • Finishers PDF certificate can be downloaded from the results page

  • Special Double or Triple award - same optional cost £6.00

  • There is no coach option for the Double or Triple. You provide your own transport

  • Experienced race director, over 100 races

  • Paramedic support (on the 12 hour race from 1st September)


Refund Policy

  • You can transfer your place to person that you find yourself. Transfer using's transfer function. Once the recipient pays, you will be refunded. Merchandise and booking fees are not refunded by Etchrock but is transferred to the recipient. You may have to agree a private sale if you wish to recoup those costs. Tshirt sizes cannot be changed. Whatever you originally ordered will be given to the recipient at the finish.

  • No refunds unless the event is cancelled

  • No deferrals

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