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September 5th 2021

A straightforward challenge and it always sell out fast! We created this event to be an accessible, low key event without bells or whistles. We want to keep the cost down and the satisfaction level high; and that’s what you got!

The entire national trail is way-marked with nice waymarks with a ‘G’ on them to help you out. We also give you a participant handbook and route guide. Bring along a map and keep your eyes open and you won’t go far wrong. If you want to pay a little more for a medal and a T-shirt you can do, but both are optional.

So what’s involved? Run the entire Gritstone Trail in a day, or a ‘oner’ as some would say. The guidebook says “It’s a beautiful 3-day walk in the beautiful Peak District”. Yep, well you’ve got 12 hours, and we think that’s super-generous even for those new to ultra running. That’s less than 3mph, so you could walk more half of it, or stop and have a pub lunch, and still have time to spare. However, you’re not going to, you’re going to run the lot! The trail is 35 miles long, and fantastically picturesque. It is a linear route between Kidsgrove and Disley, near Stockport.

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You can park your car near the finish, at Disley, hop on our coach and travel to the start line in Kidsgrove. You can make your own way to the start by train, get a lift, or you can run there if you really want to! Both the start and finish are right next to train stations.

Then all you have to do is Grind out the miles all the way to your car at Disley. Once you get back, you’ll get congratulated, given a meal and watered. All of that is going to cost you just £27 (or £23 if you don’t need the coach)! Places are very strictly limited so Enter Now to avoid disappointment.

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