April 11th 2021

[Now includes GPS tracking for all participants - by Track Trail Live

Beyond Marathon are back with the 8th edition of this “always a sell-out” event! Based on the same format of our other “Trail in a Day” event, The Gritstone Trail. We have created accessible, low key event with the focus on running. We have still kept the cost down and the satisfaction level is always high. It’s a great ultra to start with because it is flat and the time limit is very generous.

41 miles for the low entry price of £32 includes RFID timing and live GPS Tracking by https://www.tracktrail.co.uk 

We think that is unbeatable value.

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The Way for the Millennium is a national trail that was setup 18 years ago to celebrate the millennium, and is 41 miles long.
For the Millennium Way in April 2021, you will have to supply your own transport to the start at Newport (Shropshire), and from the finish in Burton-on-Trent

You’ll run as fast as your little legs will carry you along the pretty much flat course all the way back to your car. You have a leisurely 12 hours in which to do it too. Yes you did read that right, the course is essentially flat, for 41 miles. There is a miserable 300ft of climbing on the whole course. Beyond Marathon are normally well known for tough hilly events, so we’ve gone soft on this one. Well, we like to throw you a bone now and again. Just this once mind you. The next event we setup; we’ll ensure there’s 5 miles of vertical to make amends for this.

Why is it flat? Well, it’s following old train lines and waterways for pretty much the whole route. It is virtually all trail, canal path or trail. There is so little road it’s not worth a mention.