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24 hour Ultramarathon Anytime Challenge

There are over 6500 triangulation points around the UK.  We have seen a few trig point challenges over the years, but none of them have seemed quite spicy enough. i.e. too easy, such as 'how many can you do in a month', and there were no rules on start/end.  For all those who like to plan (I am looking at you Escape from Meriden fans!), how about a devious, yet simple 24-hour challenge, to complete whenever and wherever you like.

This can achieved as a zero-cost challenge. Plan your own route. Carry a GPS device or watch with sufficient battery capacity (use external battery pack if needed).  Complete you round and submit your round. It will be checked and recorded in the hall fame. As well as highest number of trigs, there will be plaudits for the most elevation.


1. Visit as many triangulation points as you can in 24 hours. We are looking for the "pillars/posts" variety, so check the database link below and filter on 'Pillars'

2. Start and finish at the same trig point (any point in the UK)

3. A round must be fully completed (back to the starting trig) in 24 hours to count at all

4. You must submit a list of Trig points you visited, as well as a GPX file as evidence. No excuses accepted for missing or incomplete files. (photos of them are a bonus!)

5. Your elevation will also be recorded

6. There is no minimum distance, but we expect most to complete more than a marathon

If you are so inclined to require a shiny incentive, we will produce a special Triangles Round medal. Upon confirmation of a confirmed round (no minimum distance), you can buy a medal and have it posted, all inc. for £7.50.  If you do not have have suitable GPS equipment you can hire a GPS Tracker for a Triangles Round for a discounted rate of £10 from Track Trail.


A useful couple of resources to help planning here:

  • This Website is a database of all the UK Trigs (use the Filter for "Pillars")

  • This webpage has a downloadable file with all the trigs (GPX and other formats). Note the map that loads on that page only shows 1000 of the 6500 trigs, don't look at the map and assume it shows them all!

  • Once you have completed your round, contact us. We will verify and add you to the COMPLETIONS page

Contact Us if you have any questions

Thanks for submitting!

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