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May 11th 2024

10 - 50 miles. How far can you go?

The legendary Apocalypse Ultramarathon returns in 2024. After a 7-year hiatus, hopefully those traumatic memories have faded... 

The Apocalypse Ultra is a unique and devious format. There are four completely different loops; Conquest, War, Death and Famine. Each loop is a different distance, adding up to 50 miles.  You can choose to simply complete one loop, two, three or battle all four. There are various combinations from 10 miles, through marathon distance, then 30 to 50 miles. You can run or walk the loops in any order and in any direction you wish. This makes it almost impossible to calculate who is winning the event until the winner crosses the line. It is a devious game of fun !

All takes place from one central HQ location in Church Stretton, Shropshire - nicknamed 'Little Switzerland' - You will find out why! There is a rolling 16-hour buffet of hot and cold food to sustain you on your travels. Rest your destroyed quad muscles for a short while, but do not linger too long. HQ is a tempting trap designed to keep you feasting.

If all four loops are completed you would climb and descend over 10,000ft. Let's introduce you to the four riders of the Apocalypse.


10 miles 2400ft of elevation

Conquest is so named becase this loop is all about conquering two hills; Caer Caradoc (an awesome iron age hill fort) atop a quad-crushing climb, and Wilstone Hill; a rocky outcrop atop an even cheekier climb.


 Conquest is the shortest, but trust us, this loop is very fierce!


14.5 miles 2600ft of elevation

Follow in the footsteps of Shropshire’s fighter and Napoleonic war veteran “Mad” Jack Mytton. It is rumoured he sustained himself on 2000 bottles of port during his studies. Not a recommended hydration strategy. Regardless you will be following Jack's very own footpath over the fearsome Long Mynd!

Death !

12.5 miles 2,400ft elevation

This one is so named because it is a real Death March. You will ascend and descend fearsome Long Mynd, not once, but twice. Once is enough, twice is asking for trouble. The second ascent has a deathly sting in the tail.


14.5 miles  2600ft of elevation

13.5 miles with no food or water stops, that’s why!

Will you collapse from hunger or thirst before you reach the end of the loop?

As well as the distance, there is arguably the steepest, but a mercifully short ascent of the mighty Ragleth hill.

Entry Fee - £44

What's Included?

  • 16 hour time-limit for all four loops

  • GPS Tracker Hire from Track Trail®

  • RFID Timing with our pro RaceResult system

  • Hot and cold food and drink at HQ 

  • PLI insured event

  • Highly experienced RD of well over 100 events

  • Paramedic from TrailMed

  • Trig Trophy Award for 1st place, engraved trophies for 2nd and 3rd

  • Optional: Medal (£6.50)

  • Optional: Tshirt (£16.50)


Registration is from 5am at St Laurence's Parish Hall Church Stretton.

Entry Policy:

No refunds, deferrals, or transfers to other events.You may transfer your place within the event to someone else you choose, up to 1 week before the event, by using the ticket entry system. Once they pay you are refunded.

No excuses for fear of the event are accepted  - examples: I totally forgot about the event, your emails went to my spam box, general laziness, the weather is too hot or too cold, sickness or famine, visited by horseman Death. Refunds only given if we cancel the event.


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