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What We Do



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Expedition and Event Tracking

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Personal Tracker Hire

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Electronic Finish Timing


Our Events

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Escape from Meriden

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The Gritstone Grind


White Horse 50k/50m/100m

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King Offas Dyke 180M
Mercian Challenge 100 M
Every 2-3 years


The Peak Skyline50K
Half Skyline15M


The Apocalypse Ultra
2024 only

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Millennium Way

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Peak District 100®
Peak District 50®
Peak District Marathon




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Winter Wychavon
Way 40 M

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Brighton to London
100 KM

Our Events
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Escape From

In the exact centre of England stands a 500 year old cross. At midnight, don your prison jumpsuit and GPS tracking device. Your jailer, The Crow, then sets you free. You have 24 hours to go in any direction you choose.

How far will you get?

 Enter solo, in a pair, or chained to 2 to 6 people.

Escape From Meiden
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35 Miles along the picturesque Gritstone Trail. The event starts near Stoke on Trent and ends near Disley.

A hugely popular ultramarathon with both new ultra runners and veterans alike. You can go straight to the start yourself, or catch our coach .

Gritstone Grind
White Horse Ultra.jpg

White Horse 
50k, 50m, 100m

50km, 50 miles or 100 miles, in the beautiful Wiltshire hills, visiting the famous chalk white horses etched into the hills. You'll also pass world heritage site, Avebury Stone circle.

The hills are gentle, and the trails are very picturesque!


White Horse

King Offa's Dyke race

Run 100 or 180 miles along the UK's largest historical monument, Offa's Dyke.

Start in Chepstow and end in Montgomery or Prestatyn. The event is non-stop but features 10 checkpoints where you can eat and sleep.

Offas Dyke
Peak Skyline Medal.png

Peak Skyline 

Extremely popular Peak District trail races. Featuring both a 30 mile and a half Skyline 14.5 mile event.  

The 30 mile event has a lot of elevation and has a challenging time limit. The 14.5 mile can be walked or ran with a comfortable time limit

Peak Skyline
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The Apocalypse Ultra

Back in 2024!

The legend returns. Run your own choice of distance from 10 to 50 miles. Four unique loops of the four horsemen of the apocalypse; War, Conquest, Famine and Death! Central HQ with hot food buffet for 16hours!


Millennium Way

Run across the whole of Staffordshire county in a day. 41 miles from Newport to Burton on Trent.

Almost entirely flat and easy to follow, the Millennium Way is a very popular race for first-time ultrarunners, and many veterans come back year after year. Go straight to the start, or use our coach from Burton.

Millennium Way
PD100 Barn Fiery Skies - Peak District Landscape Photography.jpg

Peak District
50 / 100 / Marathon

3rd edition in 2025.  Peak District Marathon, Peak District 50 and Peak District 100. 3 carefully chosen routes starting and ending in well-appointed Buxton, taking you through The Peak District breathtaking landscapes. More elevation than any other Peak District event!

Wychavon Way Logo.png

Winter Wychavon Way

41 miles with only one 'biggish hill'". Starting in Droitwich Spa and ending in Broadway, the Jewel of the Cotswold 

Wychavon Way
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A nuclear accident has released a cloud of deadly fallout. You must escape at least 40 miles in any direction solo, or in pairs. The cloud is always expanding, shown on the TrackTrail® tracking map. If the cloud catches you, you are vaporized. 12 hours to safe distance, or carry on for as long as you like for "Last One Standing"

Brighton to London image.png

Brighton to London

Harking back to a historic classic. Racing between Brighton and London has taken place since 1837.

We have created a 100 KM trail route taking in popular sights and footpaths from Brighton Pier to Kingston on Thames.

Brghton to London
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